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What Are Unsecured Loans?

Unsecured loans will provide you with immediate cash assistance through most of them may have a high-interest rate. Unsecured loans will not require you any complicated requirements and even those who have issues with their credit line could easily apply and get approval for such a loan. There’s no need to fall in long lines and wait for days just to get the cash assistance you need. Get in touch with us to learn more about the different kinds of unsecured loans today.

Where Can I Get a Guaranteed Payday Loan?

If you are looking to get a guaranteed personal loan, you cannot get one by applying from a regular lender or bank. Traditional loan providers have strict loan application requirements which make processing longer and more tedious. Your best bet is to apply to an online lender who can give you a guaranteed payday loan.

Why is an online lender your best option in getting a guaranteed payday loan?

Online lenders do not have high operational expenses that banks and traditional lenders have which means they can offer lower interest rates and fees. Apart from this fact, they also operate 100% online so getting a loan from them is truly convenient and hassle-free. From the application to submission of documents to the transferring of funds, everything is done online, so you can easily get the funds that you need in a matter of hours if you meet and submit all requirements.

Easy Requirements

Online lenders have requirements that are easier to meet compared to mainstream lenders and banks. As long as you meet the basic requirements for the age, residency, and source of income, you can get a guaranteed easy loan even if your credit score is poor.


Online lenders will give you a loan despite having bad credit, and that includes a guaranteed payday loan. Conventional financial institutions will base the acceptance on your credit score, so chances are, you won’t get your payday loan if your credit history is imperfect. Working with an online lender can give you the guaranteed payday loan that you need to satisfy your immediate cash requirements.

People with bad credits are also the most likely to need additional cash. However, finding a lender who would be happy to lend you money when your credit history is not squeaky clean is next to impossible. Payday loans offer borrowers with bad credit to get access to quick cash. With easier requirements and lenders that do not base their approval on a borrower’s credit score alone, this can be a lifesaver in financial emergencies.

Guaranteed Loans Are Available for People with Bad Credit

This type of unsecured loan is offered to borrowers with less than attractive credit rating. While people with high credit scores will have an easier time getting approved for a loan, this doesn’t mean that those with bad credits can expect automatic rejection. There are lenders who may be willing to take the risk of lending money to borrowers with less favorable credit history. Of course, the rates involved are also generally very high.

Typically, payday loans are supposed to get paid fully on the borrower’s next payday. This includes the entire amount borrowed and the interest rates and other costs that the lenders charge. Lately, there are providers that offer short-term loans so borrowers can get a longer loan term.

Applying For Payday Loans with Bad Credit

Part of a payday loan application is to get your credit profile checked. Unlike most regular loans however, your credit score is not the sole deciding factor on whether a lender will approve your application or not. However, the credit check will not have a negative impact on your credit record. Among the other details that they will look into include your expenditure, income sources, as well as whether you own or rent your home.

Since these payday loans are unsecured, the costs are typically higher. This is one way for the lenders to offset the high risks that often accompany borrowers with not so good credit scores. If you have a job or a regular source of income every month, you can get better chances of getting approved for a loan. You will also need to be at least 18 years old to apply for a payday loan though some lenders require you to be 21, and must be a resident in the UK. You will need an active bank account as well.

Fast and Easy Application Process

The best thing about payday loans is the fast application process. Once approved, some lenders can get the cash to your bank account in as fast as 15 minutes. The requirements are usually easy and applying from the comforts of your home is even possible. At the same time, you have full control over how you use the funds, making it a flexible resource for whatever emergency spending you need to make.